Promotion Campaign

1. Outdoor Advertisement at various location of Guangdong province

DTC 佛开高速公路龙山立交跨线桥
DFM 佛开高速公路龙山立交跨线桥


2. Lightbox advertising on the periphery of the mall



3. Website Promotion

中国鞋业互联网: Go to website>> 中国鞋网: Go to website>> 金录资讯网: Go to website>>
环球鞋网: Go to website>> 中国鞋业人才网: Go to website>> 时尚女鞋网: Go to website>>


4. Advertising on All Major Professional Magazines

China《Shoes Leather Information》Magazine
China《Asia Footwear News》Magazine
China《Shoes Machinery》Magazine


5. Advertising on Newspapers on Feb- Mar, 2021

Jiangxi Ri Bao Fuzhou Ri Bao
Guangxi Daily ChangshaWen Bao
Guangzhou Ri Bao Nan Fang Bao
Shenzhen Te Qu Bao Dongguan Ri Bao
Jiangmen Ri Bao Zhongshan Ri Bao
Shantou Te Qu Wen Bao


6. Press Release on Newspapers on Jan-Mar, 2021

Dongguan Ri Bao Shenzhen Te Qu Bao
ChangshaWen Bao Fuzhou Ri Bao
Guangzhou Ri Bao


7. Promotions by Radio Broadcast on Jan-Mar, 2021

Guangzhou traffic radio (FM106.1)
Dongguan radio traffic broadcast(FM107.5)


8. TV Promotions on Feb-Mar, 2021

Provincial network Dongguan TV
Guangzhou TV Shunde TV
Foshan Cable TV Huizhou TV
Zhongshan TV Zhuhai TV
Shenzhen TV Jiangmen TV
Panyu TV Dalong TV
Houjie TV Changping TV
Shijie TV Humen TV
Shipai TV Zhangmutou TV
Changon TV Shilong TV
Hongmei TV Xiegang TV
Dalingshan TV Huangjiang TV
Fenggang TV Gaobu TV
Liaobu TV Kau TV
Zengcheng TV Xintang TV
Huadu TV Heshan TV


9. TV News on March 2021

Guangdong Satellite TV
Guangzhou TV
Dongguan Houjie


10. H5 Promotion for exhibitors and visitors


11. Over 280,000 Buyers Invitations to China enterprises of textile industry

150,000 by Organizer
100,000 by Exhibitors
30,000 by Professional Publications


12. 100,000 VIP invitations would be printed and sent to protential buyers around China, Hong Kong and Asian countries on Jan- Mar, 2021



13. Email invitation to Overseas buyers on Feb- Mar, 2021



14. Promotion through mobile phone sms on Feb- Mar, 2021


15. Promotion through mobile weChat on April, 2020 – Mar, 2021